Walk in Fields of Gold

Walk in Fields of Gold

FINALLY! After three years of beekeeping we have done something right and our bees are happy, healthy and making sweet sweet golden honey. 

What We Expected

We left the hives for about three weeks knowing there wasn't much we could do this time of year if a hive decided to swarm. Having given them plenty or space to spread out and seeing healthy brood patterns, it was in our best interests to just leave them be and let them make honey. Mainly we just wanted to see more honey production and signs of brood. 

What We Saw

This was a quick visit so we mainly just popped open the top box of each hive. Every hive had healthy brood patterns and all had an abundance of capped honey other than Swarm hive. 

Wood hive has capped the foundationless frames and has started filling the FLOW frames on one side (the side facing the combed foundationed frames). These bees were super aggressive and stung Caitlin twice on the belly. 

Swarm Hive is just chugging along with one deep. They have not even started combing out the medium foundationless frames we gave them. 

Green hive had an empty medium box of white plastic foundation frames on top that was untouched but the deep framed box below was all capped honey. 

Witch hive also has a top deep box that is full of capped honey. They have a medium box with white foundation frames that they have started combing out the central portion. 


What We Did

In the Green hive we took the top medium untouched box and put it under the deep frame box to encourage combing out. We saw how they well they were combing out the centralized medium frame in the witch hive so decided to do the same on Green hive. 

What We’ll Do

We plan on taking some honey frames in the next couple of weeks because of how well they are all doing. We'll rent a honey extractor at The Agricultural Hall in Jamaica Plain so that we can bring frames back to the hives with comb intact. 

Potentially, we can swap boxes on the swarm hive to encourage combing out or replace it with a deep box with foundation frames. 

It would be good to do another full inspection within the next couple of weeks just to see if any of them have swarmed or not. 

Pulling Honey

Pulling Honey

Golden Hour

Golden Hour