Pulling Honey

Pulling Honey

What We Expected

We expected to see our hives full of bees and honey, ready for us to grab some spare, full frames to harvest.

What We Saw

The hives weren't as full to capacity as we thought, with many of the empty/foundationless frames completely unused. This was kind of surprising given that they've have nearly a month to build out.

Green Hive and Witch Hive both had a solid frames of honey, with some still needing to be capped over more (at about 50-60% capped), and some a couple center frames with small areas of laid eggs.

Swarm Hive surprisingly is still going forward with its tiny box. The honey super has not been used at all, but the brood chamber is well laid into with fresh eggs and honey being stored.

Wood Hive has not gone into the flow frames at all, surprisingly laying brood all around it. Not a ton of honey there to be grabbed, but not nothing.

What We Did

We swapped the placement of the medium super in the Witch Hive to try and get them to use it for anything at all, either as another brood chamber or honey.

We, of course, pulled 4 frames of honey from the Green Hive and 3 frames from the Witch Hive.

What We’ll Do

Once we have the honey frames extracted, we'll return them to the hives to be reused.

We'll remove the Flow frames from the Wood Hive and give them 4 regular deeps as they're not using them.

Swarm Hive could possibly do with another box of foundation frames to replace the empty frames they're not using.

We're extracting the honey on the 25th and will post details on this following that extraction.

First Honey Harvest

First Honey Harvest

Walk in Fields of Gold

Walk in Fields of Gold