First Taste of Honey

First Taste of Honey

What We Expected

It was a quick visit today!

We didn't bother to open up Wood Hive as they need more time to flesh out their colony. We expected to see some signs of a queen laying in Swarm Hive, though a lot of that depends on when she emerged.

As for the other hives, we expected to see Green Hive continuing to be happy and healthy. As for the Witch Hive, we wanted to see if there were any additional signs of a troubling queen that we needed to address.

What We Saw

A quick survey of Swarm Hive showed a queen cell that was clearly from a developed and released queen, but there was no sight of her or her laying. We expected she may have only been a few days old at that time, so it'll need to be a later to visit to determine her status.

Witch Hive appeared to be low in eggs, seeming to be relegated only to the bottom brood box while the top brood box was becoming full up on honey.

Green Hive did not have much activity in the honey supers, but the three brood boxes are busy and full!

What We Did

There was no direct action taken on this visit.

However, we did manage to get a taste of some stray honey as a cap was torn way, revealing the most delicious summer ambrosia of the gods we'd ever tasted.

What We’ll Do

Caitlin will return to put an additional medium box between the Witch Hive's bottom-most deep and the top-most deep. Worried about the queen becoming honey-bound and not finding interest in the honey-full deep, we're giving them another box to work with to comb out and lay into.

The Swarm Hive and Wood Hive just need to build up their numbers as they both have new, sister queens. We'll give Wood Hive a second box once we see a healthy spread of capped workers.

As for the Green Hive, we need to plan another trip to give it a more thorough examination. But so far, things are looking really good.

Hot Honey

Hot Honey

Keep On Keepin' On

Keep On Keepin' On