Hive Setup

Hives setup and bees installed!

Caitlin picked up with three packages of bees from Best Bees in the South End and brought them to Rock Meadow. We brought the them to the previously set up boxes (two 10 frames and one 8 frame).

What We Expected

We expected to have quick easy installations, keeping in mind the mistakes from before.*

What We Saw

The weather was colder (in the mid 40s), cloudy, and it had been lightly raining most of the day before. Perfect weather for the bees to cluster up together, be less prone to flight, and more inclined to hunker down in their new boxes.

There’s plenty of flowering trees out, some dandelions arriving, and the trees are just starting to become green with the first springing of leave sprouts.

What We Did

We placed the queens on the inner frames, dumped in the the bees to their respective homes, closed them up, and headed out!

One thing that was interesting about this installation was just how much the bees excreted their waste. After days of being trapped in a box and eating nothing but sugar water, they’d been “holding it in” way beyond normal. As soon as they got released, we saw signs of their relief all over our clothes, protective veils, even the tops of the boxes themselves! Caitlin even commented, “what’s that smell?”

What We’ll Do

We’ll return in 3-4 days to check on the status of the queens and see if they’ve gotten out of their cages. Luckily, despite a cold first day, the next few days are looking to be warm in the mid-high 80s. Great weather for them to begin their cleansing flights and orientation flights.


Releasing the Queens

Releasing the Queens